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The AAL Programme and some best practices from European regions in the field of Active and Assisted Living: programming, funding, coordinating and deploying -

21 - 22 April, 2016 - Rome, Italy

In conjunction with the 2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health - ICT4AWE 2016


Gian Apuzzo
Project coordinator SMARTCARE - A.A.S. n.1 "Triestina" /Local Health Authority n.1, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region
Brief Bio
Urban sociologist and EU policies expert, PhD in Social Sciences on the topics of urban exclusion and social foresight, he has a long time experience in teaching and researching as well as in consultancy, at local and regional level as well as in international projects (Italy, Europe, Latin America, Western Balkans, Cambodia, Syrian crisis), with a skill on community development. He has also worked for international organisations such as OECD and IOM. As EU policies and funds expert, he has been working for many years in the field of health and social inclusion, mainly as senior researcher and project manager for the Friuli Venezia Giulia regional health system organisations in the topics of active ageing, social inclusion, housing and innovation. He has been project manager of a Central Europe strategic project on “innovative housing and care for the elderly and vulnerable groups” (HELPS), regional coordinator of an INTERREG IVC project on assistive solutions adoption (CASA), and among coordinators of the Action group on “Age-friendly environments” of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP-AHA). Currently he is Project Coordinator of the SmartCare Project led by the Local Health Authority of Trieste (FVG Region), a CIP ICT-PSP funded project that involves 23 European regions and several end users and stakeholders organizations on the topic of ICT-supported integrated care pathways for older people with long term conditions.


The main objectives of the workshop are to present the AAL programme and the 2016 call, as well as to foster exchange of experience among the representatives of some European regions and the participants on the issue of assisted living and demographic change.
A brief introduction on the 2016 AAL call, focused on “Living well with dementia” will be briefly presented at the beginning of the workshop. After, the experiences from some Regions in the programming, funding and implementing ICT for active and healthy ageing products will be reported and discussed with the participants.

Target public: SMEs’ representatives, policy makers, civil servants representing regional authorities, researchers, universities.


Ambient Assisted Living, AAL services and products;
Regional strategies in the field of AAL and ICT for supporting active and healthy ageing, smart specialisation strategies focused on AAL;
regional ecosystem ( scientific parks, universities, research centres, SMEs, social-health system) supporting AHA;
interest of participating Regions in promoting Public Procurement for Innovation participation in EU projects related to these thematic areas


The Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region is one of the first Italian Regions to achieve a Law on Active and Healthy Ageing which was officially presented on 23rd November 2015. The Region is very active in the initiatives promoted under the European Innovation Partnership on Healthy and Active Ageing as an individual Region (within the Action Group D4 on age friendly environment and AG B3 on integrated care) as well as through European networks such as CORAL and ERRIN. Contributions through CORAL in the AG C2 on independent living, through Smart care in the AG B3 and through ERRIN in the PRO-EIP-AHA project.
The FVG Region has created FVG as@ Lab" a Public Private Partnership on the issue of AAL which is included in the Italian national cluster initiatives. It is a tool to support the development of a network among local, regional, national and international actors. Ambient Assisted Living has been formally recognized as one of the key growth areas of FVG and it represents one of the pillars of the Smart strategy of FVG Region. The aim is to develop and implement AAL technologies in collaboration with SMEs, research centers and public authorities as well as to support SMEs in the adoption of IT and AAL sectors in their core business activities.
FVG has participated in several EU projects, such as the Interreg IV C funded project CASA on assistive solutions adoption and the Strategic Central Europe project HELPS on innovative housing and care solutions for the elderly. FVG is currently leading the SMART CARE project co-funded by the CIP-ICT Policy Support Programme on the topic of ICT-supported integrated care pathways for older people with long term conditions.

Southern Denmark: the Region of Southern Denmark is a 3-star reference site in the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing and has created an eco-system for innovation in health and social care. With initiatives such as the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark and programs such as CoLab Denmark, the focus is on innovation in the health and social sector. With CoLab Denmark the focus is in particular to develop, test, and implement assisted living technologies in public-private partnerships
CoLab Denmark: through the program CoLab Denmark, we can assist in the phase of orchestrating and conducting tests which primarily focus on everyday life, close to home and creates value across the health sector in collaboration with local stakeholders - focusing on public-private collaboration. As a meeting point and an accelerator, CoLab Denmark leads partners from idea to development through tests for implementation of technological healthcare solutions across sectors and local boundaries. Thereby forming a unique opportunity to test and develop future assisted living technologies in accordance with real end-user needs alongside giving the companies and stakeholders valuable feedback to be used in perfecting a product

Valencia is a 3 stars reference site in the framework of the EIP AHA: The Hospital La Fe is the reference hospital coordinating the Health Department of Valencia-La Fe, one of the 23 geographical areas defined within the Valencia Health Region. Together with the Hospital Clínico de Benidorm, it constitutes the reference site for Valencia Region. Besides on 15th of October 2015, the VLC – Health Ecosystem was launched in Valencia, an initiative promoted by the University of Valencia, the University of Valencia Science Park and INCLIVA Health Research Institute, as a stable platform for fostering collaboration between the system of innovation in health and social care and wellbeing key actors in Valencia; VIT Salud: initiative promoted by the Valencia city council to foster cooperation to encourage innovation and knowledge transfer in the health Sciences and technologies in Valencia.
The active ageing strategy of Valencia region creates a framework for citizens and health and social care professionals from public and private sector, that structures the actions, programmes, and resources for citizens to age active, safe and healthy. This strategy is based on 4 main areas of intervention: (i) promoting healthy ageing, health protection and prevention of illness, (ii) integrated care, (iii) information, training and research, and (iv) institutional coordination, governance and social participation. Some concrete initiatives:
- Local strategies to implement home hospitalizations incorporating specialized case managements to foster the integrated care of patients including remote management.
- The Electronic Health Care Record and integrated information System in order to enhance the integration and interoperability of all systems to ensure their sustainability and quality of service, having a citizen-focused approach.
- Some AAL projects developed in the region: Host (in which Polibienestar participated) BREATHE, WeTakeCare, etc.
- Moreover, Polibienestar has participated in the following projects related to the topic: APPCare, UHC2.0 and ASSEHS.


South Denamark

Lise Silberling
Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark / CoLab Denmark

Brief Bio
Lise Wraae Silberling has been working in the field of innovation in the health care sector on a national as well international level for many years. As a senior adviser at the Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, she is responsible for coordinating the engagement in regional projects and activities and is program manager for CoLab Denmark. She has strong competencies within userdriven innovation and public-private partnerships. The presentation will give an insight into the innovation system in the Region of Southern Denmark and how innovation methods and tools have empowered citizens of the region.It will also give an introduction to CoLab Denmark which represents a conceptual model for the development of healthcare technologies cross-sectoral within the Danish Healthcare system thereby creating a unique opportunity to test and develop tomorrows healthcare technologies in accordance with real end-user needs alongside with giving private companies value feedback to be used in perfecting a product.



Mireia Ferri
Polibienestar Research Institute at the University of Valencia

Brief Bio
MIREIA FERRI SANZ is PhD in Social Sciences, Labour and Human Resources with the maximum qualification Cum Laude by the University of Valencia (Spain), and she has a degree in Management and Business Administration in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia with a stay of two semesters at the RWTH-Aachen (Germany). She has also a Master’s degree in Financial Management and Tax by Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and a Course in Business Law by the Centro de Estudios Garrigues and with the participation of Harvard Law School. In Polibienestar Research Institute she participates in research projects at regional, national and European level related to Accessible Social Tourism, social innovation, entrepreneurship, health promotion, age and disability-friendly environments, citizens’ engagement and active and healthy ageing. In the ICT field, she has participated in different research and innovation projects dealing with based solutions to ageing well, related to: tourism and accessible/friendly ICTs, new technologies to improve the health and social care of dependent people, smart technologies for self-service to seniors in social housing, and engaging citizens to actively participate in improving accessibility in European cities with ICTs. Furthermore, she participated in the Action Group D4 on Innovation Age-Friendly Buildings, Cities and Environments of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing promoted by the European Commission in which she coordinated the group dealing with ICT and Smart Environments from July 2012 to December 2015.


Friuli Venezia Giulia Region

Mahnic Massimiliano
Central Directorate for Health, Social Health Integration, Social Policies and Family

Brief Bio

At the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region - Central Directorate for Health, Social Health Integration, Social Policies and Family - policy officer in charge of:

Management of regional, national and EU funds, concerning, inter alia:

·         Cross-border projects financed by the Italy/Austria and Italy/Slovenia Operational Programmes, transnational projects and assessment activities.

·         Healthcare and social research projects, with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region as Partner or Leader.

Contact person for the international activities of the Central Directorate for Health, Social Health Integration, Social Policies and Family

Member of the regional contact point of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, established in application of the 2011/24/UE Directive with regards to patient rights in terms of cross-border healthcare.

Contact person for the Health and Social Policies sector within the European platform for innovation “Smart Specialization Platform”.

Regional contact person for the “Project Mattone Internazionale “ – now PRO.M.I.S - financed by the Italian Ministry of Health. The project  aims at increasing the role of the regional health systems and policies in Europe by strengthening their competences in investigating opportunities offered by the European Union and by other international organizations ("bringing the health system and policies of the Italian regions in Europe and Europe in the health systems of the Italian regions").

Link: http://www.progettomattoneinternazionale.it/


PAN-European Research on Technology and Ageing: The Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme

Marco Carulli
Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Programme

Brief Bio
Marco Carulli is Programme Officer at the Central Management Unit of the AAL (Active and Assisted Living) Programme, where he supports the implementation of the programme, participates in the central project management and review and manages some of the support actions foreseen in AAL. Before joining the AAL Programme, Marco worked in the field of project coordination and platform management. He has a ten years’ experience in project coordination (mainly structural funds, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020). In the past Marco has been supporting the coordination of the SNETP – Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform, the European Sustainable Nuclear Industry Initiative and the EERA, European Energy Technology Alliance. Most of his previous work endeavours relate to research and innovation.


ICT4AWE Workshops - AALProgramme 2016
e-mail: ict4ageingwell.secretariat@insticc.org